“Ideartë” is a non-profit NGO, founded on 22 July 2015 in Peqin, Albania to bring hope and empowerment for the youth and the city. The group is active in Peqin and Tirana and we hope to expand in other cities as well. Conceptualized by Ermir Cani, the charity creation was a joint effort by a group of young talented individuals, namely: Izaora Çollaku, Aldo Kajo, Ermir Cani, Doralda Dushku, Denajda Dervishi, Hermes Gjinishi, Entela Çela, Ogerta Gripshi and Brunilda Dubali.

Since its inception the group has grown in membership. Some of the other active members and volunteers include: Brikida Çollaku, Franko Kateshi, Alessia Vogli, Rikardo Vogli, Patricia Vogli, Renis Resuli, Eridana Sulkja, Armand Dranga, Rigers Haremija, Sidorela Seferi, etc.


Our vision is to involve the youth in a meaningful way that has positive impact in the community.


Our mission is to organize humanitarian, social and cultural events to serve Albania, our community and city. We aim to create cultural practices and programs aimed at empowering youth, creating positive youth development, and creating healthier and higher qualities of life for underprivileged families.