NY Elite Magazine:  Ermir Cani, is a bright talented student and humanitarian from Albania. He joined the Erasmus program to study Finance at the Krakow University of Economics in Poland. Ermir says that the experience changed his life for the better. 

“The Erasmus exchange program has been a powerful experience in both promoting my Albanian culture, and also learning about Poland, its traditions and its people. We share similar values in the sense that I found Polish people to be very peace-loving, welcoming and very kind, very similar to the Albanian values where “Besa” offers great hospitality to our guests.”

“I am thankful to my Exchange Program Coordinator, Dominika Lemler, for her support, care and constant efforts to ensure that I settle well and integrate well at the new university. She has been wonderful and I really appreciate everything she has done for me. The experience at the Krakow University of Economics has changed my life forever for the better,” said Ermir Cani.

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Ermir shared with NY Elite that his University and Erasmus experience encouraged him to challenge himself, to be confident, independent, and serve as a cultural ambassador for his country Albania. He also enjoyed taking the “Change Leadership” training seminar taught by Viktorija Prapraite, learning about the principles of leadership.

“A leader must be able to understand his own emotions as well as the team’s. He must be self-motivated and be able to manage the matters effectively. Being able to lead is like going up a hill wearing a backpack full of rocks, and be ready to understand and handle the difficulty and challenges that may come up on that bumpy road,” said Ermir.

Ermir Cani was born in Peqin, Albania. He studied Finance and Accounting at the University of Elbasan “Aleksandër Xhuvani”. He was also chosen President of the School Senate. In 2015 he founded “Ideartë“, a non-profit organization encouraging the youth to get more involved and give back to the community. Along with the members of the group, Ermir Cani has organized several humanitarian initiatives, which have now become annual activities with the support of the local council, police, schools and the citizens of Peqin. Since 2015 “Ideartë” has organized annually Cycling Marathons, food and support for low income families during the Christmas and New Year’s festivities, as well as encouraged reading for the young kids by donating more than 300 books to the library with the help of “Onufri” Publishing House.

“I love to see people smile and to help others as much as I can. We want to see the youth get involved, stay out of trouble and give back to the community. We have organized every year several cultural and social events and we thank everyone for their support. Peqin is a very historic city, it has an ancient history, and as the young generation we want to leave our mark in bringing progress and development in Albania,” said Ermir Cani for NY Elite.

Ermir Cani says that he is inspired by his grandfather, Kastriot Cani, National Hero and Teacher of Merit, who was awarded by the U.S. Congress for his democratic efforts in Albania in collaboration with United States. He is thankful to his family for their continued support. After graduation, Ermir plans to pursue his higher education and continue for his master’s degree.


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